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Purslane is one of the multipurpose herbs that God has provided for us. Sometimes I wonder when I passed through this plant in the neighborhood because I always think about the secret of healing that God has kept in this single plant. It is awesome. My people perish because of lack of knowledge is one of the axioms related to this plant.


I know a lot of people may need this plant for one challenge or the other in their body, yet they will walk pass this plant because they don’t know the healing potentials God has deposited in the plant. There is likelihood they must have spent a fortune on such challenges, but here is a plant in the neighborhood that can take care of that challenges.

Some, when interviewed will tell you a million reasons why they couldn’t take care of themselves, and here is a multipurpose plant in their neighborhood that God gave free of charge.

The most annoying aspect sometimes is when you take them to where such a plant is, and you explain to them what the plant can do, they won’t take you seriously. This plant is good, and effective in handling Ulcers, Kidney and liver-related problems, Bladder Problems, Dry cough, Painful urination, Healing of wounds, Flow of urine, Menstrual problems.

Just to mention but a few of various uses of the plant. It is a priority herb of our grandma’s in the village because they know its importance.

How to use:

Two handfuls of the plant can be squeezed early in the morning like 30 minutes before food and drink every day for one week. It will detoxify your system and boost your immunity.

For ulcer:

Two handfuls washed properly and grind, kept in one plate. Break two eggs and put them inside the grinded herb and turn very well. Put 4 tablespoons of shear butter into your fried pan and heat. Add the material you missed and cooked for a while. Don’t fry, please. When it is done, put it down, let it cool and take it as your breakfast.

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